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Dear Pete:
Just a note to thank you for the tremendous job you did restoring my cedar log home. As you know, I have been trying to find a solution to my finish problem for eight years. I had previously used a Siikens product which was recommended by Lindal Cedar Homes. The product immediately started peeling and subsequent attempts to correct the problem only caused damage to the wood. I have tried several different contractors with different approaches to removing the old finish and reapplying a new one. Every time the wood looked worse and the Siikens finish was still there.

Your product and process completely removed the old finish and restored the wood to almost original condition. I am still amazed at how beautiful the natural cedar grain is, that now shows through and what good condition the wood is in, even after the stripping process. I feel like I have a new home. I would recommend you and your product to anyone.

Pete, I very much appreciate the personal attention you gave to every detail to make sure everything was done properly and cleaned up afterwards.
Park City Utah

My name is Bob Brown. In 2006, my wife and I bought a log home in Lander, Wyoming. It had been built in 1998. While most of the construction details were high quality, the exterior finish was a kind of faded yellow color, and seemed to be both a paint-like finish, and to be badly deteriorated. In early 2008, we decided to explore the possibilities for refinishing the house exterior, and contacted several paint contractors. We wanted a more reddish brown, or natural stained wood look, but were unsure how that might be possible with the existing badly deteriorated "yellow" paint covering. As part of the process of exploring possibilities, we contacted Dubois Wood Care, hoping to find an environmentally non-toxic product that could be applied over the original finish. The owner and principal operator of Dubois Wood Care, Pete Buonocore, made an appointment with us and came to look at the house, and discuss with us how we might end up with our desired appearance and exterior protection. Pete spent some time examining the house, then gave a very understandable, no holds barred explanation of the situation; the yellow finish as an expensive over the counter surface build product, had blocked the ability of the wood to "breath", and was causing dry rot behind the hard surface. His explanation was thorough and convincing, as he showed us many examples to illustrate his point on the logs. He also drove us to look at other area home that he had refinished. He discussed with us different options for correcting the situation, as well as how we might achieve our desired appearance. He explained the different products that Dubois Wood Care handles, their advantages, and the processes needed in order to remove the original failed finish and the rot under it. In the meantime, the other approaches represented to us by painters seemed to be a repetition of the original "paint-like" approach, albeit with better quality products. We had enjoyed our time with Pete, and had come to trust him, and asked him to put together a bid for the job.

Knowing what was going to be involved, we anticipated that the bid would stretch our budget, and it did.However, we were by then convinced that a thorough removal of the old finish and its associated rot was necessary in order for the exterior of the logs to be saved, and in order that we could have the natural wood look we hoped for. So, while the bid stretched our budget, it clearly seemed reasonable for the work and products involved. We decided to go ahead with Dubois Wood Care.

In a timely manner, limited only by bad weather, Pete and his crew not only met all commitments, but also exceeded all our expectations. Pete was present throughout the process, and always kept us informed of what was going on. Unlike several other contractors we have dealt with over the years, Pete did not interrupt our contract work in order to work on other jobs: he demonstrated with us, as he had promised he would, that he limited his commitments to only those he could honestly meet, and this is what he did with ours. There were never any "unexpected" costs, and no additional cost add-ons for any reason. By the end of the project we were surprised at what by then seemed its VERY reasonable cost.

Unexpectedly, due to health problems, we had to sell our now beautiful log home in the fall of 2008 and move from our beloved Wyoming. We now had to sell just when the housing market was tanking. With only word of mouth to a few friends, the house sold immediately, at its newly appraised value. We had to turn away other offers. There is not doubt in our minds that the new beauty of the house's exterior was a significant contributing factor for the several people who were immediately interested in buying it. We hadn't refinished the house in anticipation of selling it. On the contrary, we had thought we were making it beautiful and "healthy" because we would be living in it for many years.

We highly recommend Pete and Dubois Wood Care to you, without reservation. I hope my comments will help you in your decision making process if you are considering refinishing the outside of you home, and I wish you well in the process.

Bob Brown
January 2009

Before picture showing discoloration and mildew spots prior to finish removal and restorationMy husband and I purchased a 25-year old log home in June of 2005. It had always been our dream to live in a log home: however, we knew nothing about their upkeep. At the time we purchased, the former owner told us he had recently recoated the logs, so they looked pretty good to us. He told us he used (as had the previous owners) a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine. We allowed the former owners to stay in the home for one year while we sold our home in California. When we took possession of the home, it became obvious the home had not be maintained and kept in the same state as when we purchased it. We quickly realized just how dirty, dark, gooey and sticky the finish was on the logs. When I leaned against a support column on the front of the porch one day, my arm actually stuck to it. After that incident, we knew we needed professional help. We began searching for someone to strip and refinish the logs and were referred to Dubois Wood Care. We called and asked if they could come look at our home and give us an estimate. He was working on a home at the time, but promised he would stop by next time he was in the area. Do to a series of circumstances; there was never a mutually good time for him to look at our home. About a year later, we almost decided to hire a company that used cob-blasting to remove the old finishes. I kept remembering Pete telling me "What ever you do, don't cob-blast your logs, it won't remove all the wood fibers that have lost their structural integrity, won't remove the resins in the wood, and it will leave the wood pitted". After looking at a couple of house that were cob-blasted, I knew that was not the way to go. I could see the pitting in the wood through the finish. I again contacted Pete at Dubois Wood Care. Pete said he could give me an estimate but couldn't schedule our home until the following year. In the meantime, he made arrangements for me to look at two homes he had completed in Lander Wyoming. After seeing the two projects, I was willing to wait for Dubois Wood Care even though our logs would have to endure at least one more winter. As it turned out, Pete called back a month later and told me he was two weeks ahead of his schedule and he could do our project. I was so excited! Pete came to look at our house, tested a few spots to make sure which stripper would take the finish off, gave me an estimate and set the date for the first part of October.

Same view after the logs have been restored and refinished.When Pete and his crew arrived to start the job early October 2008, they wasted no time moving items our of the way and removing gutter drains, lights, etc. That first day they started removing the "goop" from the logs I was amazed at how quickly and completely the finish was coming off. Once cleaned, the bare logs looked new again. At the time Pete and his crew started working on our home, my cousin was visiting and make the comment "I've never seen men work as hard as they do!" Neither had I. To make an already long story short, it was a tedious three-week project, but the end result was amazing. We are now so proud of the way our log home looks!

If you're looking for an "as good as new" look to you wood home, I highly recommend Pete and Dubois Wood Care. You get what you pay for, so don't settle for less just because the price is lower! I would welcome the opportunity to show anyone who is considering hiring Pete and Dubois Wood Care what a great job he and his crew did.

Mary Nutter
Thermopolis, Wyoming

Dear Pete,

Just wanted to let you know how much my Mom has enjoyed the results of all the hard work you and your employees put into refurbishing her log home. As she may have told you, my Dad built our log home in 1961 so it has been around for a long time. Through the years they have used different products in an attempt to preserve the logs. As a result, there was quite a build up of dust and layers of different types of products in varying degrees of discoloration and peeling. I know she was very apprehensive about the whole process but once you started she would call me up almost every day and tell me how hard you were working and how nice everyone was treating her. We all feel your restoration efforts were well worth the money and my Mom is delighted every time one her friends tells her how nice the house looks.

Thank you so much for bringing back the beauty to my family home. It truly does look brand new!

I would definitely recommend you and your product to anyone that wants their log home to remain looking like new for years to come.
Susan Moffat

My husband and I own a guest ranch in North East Utah. Our home, cabins and barn are log buildings. They range in age from one to ten years and were starting to show their age. We knew the wood needed protection, but we had put off the inevitable. After doing research about log preservation on the Internet, we knew we needed an expert that deals with wood structures and not a local painter.

In our remote area, there was no one with this experience. We knew we would have to find someone who would travel to do the job. We feel quite fortunate that we found Pete Buonocore, owner of Utah Wood Care. Our buildings were starting to gray with age, which we found out was really mold. We had used different products that are on the national market and they had not lasted. Our decks and railings, which we had treated, were warping, splintering and turning black from mold.

When we got the job estimate, it seemed like so much money, but we decided to go ahead with the project. When Pete started working we discovered why the job costs as much as it does. The restoration work was the most labor-intensive project we could imagine. Pete and his crew worked very hard with no time wasted. Even after hearing what the job involves, you only begin to understand the process when you watch it.

Now our buildings are so handsome! The stain that Pete added, makes the buildings look older, like we wanted them to, but the wood is protected from the elements. The decks and porches are repelling rain and snow. The railings are so smooth I will not need to worry about our guests getting splinters from them.

We are very satisfied with the product and would recommend Utah Wood Care to anyone who is looking for quality workmanship and an excellent product.

J/L Ranch Outfitter and Guides, Inc
Whiterocks, Utah

We purchased our log home and guest house in May of 1999. The house was built in 1954, and the guest house is about five years old.

The logs had gone through various product treatments over the years. The logs were fading badly in places. The east and south side of the main house was dry and cracking from the elements and the north side was turning black with mold. Our log railings and redwood decks were also black and full of weather cracks.

We knew we had to do something to protect our investment, so we started looking around and talking to some of the log home owners in the area. We wanted a product that would protect the wood from the elements with little maintenance. A product that is environmentally friendly and wouldn't harm our landscaping and trees. After talking to several people in the area we found our answer when we found Peter Buonocore and Dubois Wood Care. Peter took us around and showed us several houses, decks, barns, and industrial buildings that Dubois Wood Care had completed. These included restorations and new wood preservation. We were amazed at how wonderful they looked and how pleased the owners were with the results.

We asked for, and received, an estimate the very next day. The estimate was a little more than we had in our budget for an exterior finishes. We wanted quality and decided to spend a little more for that. We've seen the results of several bad products. Peter and his crew were amazing. His professionalism, dedication and very hard work is something he can be proud of. We are especially proud of the job he did for us. Our home and guest house look fabulous. Our decks and railings look like new.

If you are looking for a quality wood restoration and preservation company, one that uses only the best products available, get Peter Buonocore and Dubois Wood Care.

Dubois, Wyoming


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