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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm concerned about the environment are your products environment friendly?
Absolutely, our oil based penetrating products are environmentally safe, our finish removal process uses bio-degradable formulas to remove the old finish. If the original finish is toxic, our process allows us to recapture the removed finish and contain it for proper disposal.

Do redwood and cedar need to be protected from the elements?
All woods need protection from the elements. Unprotected wood will loose its color and begin cracking and darkening within the first 6 months. Water gets into the wood and the freeze- thaw cycle damages the wood's structure.

How do you remove mold and mildew from the wood?
We have cleaners that remove mold and mildew. We also have a wash to apply to wood to kill mold spore before applying the finish.

Can we put your products over an existing product?
Usually most products are not compatible, and by the time you have called to ask someone about your finish, it has already failed or you wouldn't be making the call in the first place. Do you want to waste your time and money with a cover-up? After 2 - 3 cover-ups, you have probably spent twice the amount of money it would cost to do the restoration in the first place and you still have the finish problem.

How do you determine what is on our home if we don't know?
We ask a lot of questions about your existing finish. Our experience with most of the finishes on the market is that with some we have applied in the past and most we have removed on other jobs, gives us a good idea what the finish is. To be sure, we come out to your home with a cleaner kit and clean a spot to confirm our conclusion about your finish.

We have heard the same sales pitch before. How do we know you're different and that your products are better?
Our references speak for our honesty, integrity and our commitment to satisfy customers. We are more than happy to refer you to past clients to hear their comments. As for our products, they are more than able to speak for themselves. One look at wood treated with our products will convince anyone of the products integrity.

Can I do the job and maintenance myself?
Yes, we will supply you with what you need and be your technical support. If we are working in your area we will be happy to help you get started to make sure you get the best results from your effort and our product.

Do I have to do the entire home every time I re-coat?
You only have to do the sides that need re-coated. All four sides of the home will have different exposures to the sun and elements and will require re-coating at different times. One of the great properties of the products we use is that it will match even though you only re-coat one side.

Couldn't we leave out some of the process and make the project cheaper?
Our products and services are implemented to ensure the very best in results and product longevity. This is by far the most economical approach and ensures your wood is protected. Skipping part of the process might seem to save a few bucks in the short run but in the long run it winds up costing far more.

How do you apply your products?
The product can be applied by rolling, brushing and spraying. We recommend that sprayed products be back-brushed to achieve maximum penetration and evenness. The key is proper preparation of the wood surface.

Do you have clients we can talk to?
Yes, upon your request, we will contact previous customers and ask permission for you to contact them.
You can also follow this link client comments and read comments sent to us by recent clients.

How long will your product last?
Horizontal surfaces, such as decks, last 1-2 years. Horizontal surfaces are tough to keep looking new because the snow and rain, dirt and direct sunlight sit on them nearly year-round. After 1-2 years, the cosmetics of the horizontal surface tend to lose the new wood look. Protection is still good up to 4-5 years after application and renewing the new-wood look is a simple matter of touching up with a small amount of product.
On vertical surfaces such as walls and fences, the protection will last from 3-5 years and the new-wood look will last about the same depending on the amount of exposure to the elements. A maintenance coat is all it will take to renew the new wood look and re-hydrate the wood.

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