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Your Solution for Exterior Wood!

Changing weather is hard on all exterior wood finishes. Wood expands and contracts dramatically in any one day. To properly protect wood, it's finish must be in the wood rather than on the wood. When the wood is re-hydrated with a blend of natural oils and resins, it is protected from the inside out. Unsatisfied with over the counter products we have formulated our own line of eco-friendly products that contain the natural oils and resins wood needs.

  • The pigments are transparent oxides, which not only give the best sun protection, but also accentuate the wood grain and natural beauty of the wood, rather than covering it up.

  • Sun blockers and stabilizers galvanize your wood against damage from the sun. Our products are selected because they are fortified with an industrial strength sun block system that has been developed by the automotive finish industry. We use a UV system that is unique-standing above liquid sun screens found in lesser products advertising UV protection.

  • A low-toxicity mildewcide helps prevent the growth of fungus and mildew on wood without poisoning the user and environment.

  • Products are available in a variety of color options, transparent colors, tinted or semi transparent and solid body options to meet or match your needs. Custom tinting is also available to match unique hues. We can even blend tinting on new construction to match existing finish.
  • Our quality eco-friendly products help your wood:
    • Repel Water
    • Retain it's color
    • Resist mold, mildew & fungus
    • Resist cracking & warping

  • Excellent protection for:
    • Decks
    • Siding
    • Log homes
    • Roofs
    • Fences
    • Picnic tables and wood garden furniture

We can Protect all of your exterior wood surfaces.

Get what you pay for. Some stain products contain less than 20% solids on average -- 80% evaporates leaving only 20% of the materials to protect the wood. Our products start at 62% solids -- only 38% evaporates, leaving 62% of the product to penetrate the wood. The solids are natural oils which bond in the wood to form solids or resins. Solids are what the wood needs and are what you pay for. So treat your wood to the natural oils and protection it needs. Use our expert services to ensure that your wood not only looks good but is preserved.
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